Howdy from TX!

Howdy from Texas! My plane from Houston to Corpus Christi was delayed, so we didn’t get to Kingsville until pretty late. I’m currently lying on the couch, doing absolutely nothing (besides writing this post!), and it feels fan.ta.stic. It feels nice to give my body a break!

I’m not sure what kind of workouts I’m going to get done when I’m down here since the weather’s looking like this…

I may try to swim some laps or do a few equipment-less CrossFit workouts, but really, I just want to relax and have a good time. As long I squeeze in a few quick workouts to warm me up for Sunday, that’s all I need. Workouts aren’t the priority this week. :)

I also wanted to give a quick shout-out…

It’s my mama’s birthday today, and she’s out in California to celebrate with my dad. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Running together in Chicago a few years ago!

Jamie just got back from the base, so we’re off to have some lunch! Catch you all later!


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