Surprise trip home

Surprise! I’m back home in Annapolis for the week! My dad’s birthday was yesterday, so my mom had the great idea a few weeks ago to have me come home and surprise him! He didn’t suspect a thing and is so happy to have the whole family home!


We had some family in town, so we had a nice dinner last night, cooked by two of my aunts. They had some rockfish caught by my uncle this weekend on the eastern shore of MD, and it made for a fabulous meal!

I’m home until Saturday, and I’m already enjoying some good quality R&R. Today I drove to College Park, MD to visit some friends from my undergrad days at University of Maryland, and then had a voice lesson with my previous voice teacher in Silver Spring. It was so great to catch up with all of them, and now I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the week hanging out with the family.

And you know I’m getting in some good running while in town!

Today’s workout: 4.5 mile run. Kept it nice and easy, and it felt great!

It’s so great to be home!

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